One size membership no longer fits all, if it ever did.

Member segmentation is the process of identifying members who share similarities with one another and understand what makes them tick.

Many of our clients in the membership sector recognise that they no longer have ‘one’ membership base, but a membership of individuals, each with differing wants and requirements. One size no longer fits all, if indeed it ever did. Segmentation is therefore essential to better recruit, retain and engage members.

“Successful member segmentation is based on behaviour not demographics”

In our experience successful member segmentation is about understanding and responding to member behaviour.  At its core, is repackaging membership and developing member journeys based on behaviour, beliefs and goals – this is far more effective than doing so based on traditional demographics such as size, age, location, sex and turnover for example.

A good understanding of member segments is also one of the most cost effective methods an association can deploy when attempting to improve engagement with limited resources and budget. Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to be complex or reliant on automation.

In fact, many of our clients, especially where advanced technology and automation is not yet a feasible solution, are leading the way. Whether you’re a David or a Goliath, successful member segmentation and value can be achieved with tools readily at your disposal.

Turn insight into strategy

At Membership Matters we specialise in discovering the emotional triggers, awareness gaps and value perceptions that turn insight into strategy. Not only do we identify and develop member segments, but we also help our clients determine the right approach to better interact with each segment…sometimes tweaks are enough.

Developing member segmentation often starts with research and is about identifying the right questions and answers. Once member segments have been developed, simple scoring models can be introduced to identify which member fits into what segment.

From there, effective recruitment and engagement strategies can be developed to push the membership numbers north and deepen engagement, making it a powerful long-term tool.

Membership Matters is a leading membership consultancy that’s spent 8 years building great relationships with the UK’s most notable membership organisations such as The Royal British Legion, Resolution, the JIB to name a few providing strategic support, research, training and employee recruitment.

If you would like to find out more about member segmentation or how to do it yourself, then we’ll be discussing just that and lots more in our Membership Recruitment and Retention Masterclass. Join us in London on March 19th & 20th by booking your place today.



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